Suitang Luoyang National Heritage Park


Suitang Luoyang National Heritage Park, home to many relics of the Sui, Tang, the Northern Song and the Five Dynasties, was listed in 2005 as one of the key protected heritages during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period. Though losing the glory as time goes by, Suitang Luoyang National Heritage Park enables people to experience its magnificence with the implementation of heritage protection and exhibition project.

The multimedia exhibition hall in Suitang Luoyang National Heritage Park has 12 Barco PGWU-61B projectors. The brightness level of 6250 center lumens and WXGA resolution of PGWU-61B provide an unmatched level of detail and contrast, truly reproducing the vicissitudes of Sui, Tang and other dynasties; the projection methods of single projection and floor projection give people the chance to experience the vitality and energy of thousands years of civilization in an enclosed space; the preset image modes allow for flexible color management. The bizarre scenes projected by PGWU-61B will make people forget where they are and let them go through a spirit baptism with histories reappearing right in front of them.