Equipment:PJWU-101B, PGXG-61B

The exhibition center of Nansha Development Zone


The exhibition center of Nansha Development Zone uses 10 Barco PJWU-101B projectors and 38 Barco PGXG-61B projectors as its projection and display equipment, and these projectors add a beautiful effect to the whole exhibition area.

In the Planning Hall of the exhibition center, 10 Barco PJWU-101B projectors are very eye-catching. With its 12500 center lumens brightness, this type of projector is the first single-chip DLP projector with over ten thousand center lumens brightness in the world. The excellent images with high lumens, high definition and high color saturation on the arc screen lively show the new look of Nansha New District, letting people have immersive experiences of the amazing scenery of the Pearl Bay.

The digital sand table, an irregularly shaped ground screen, is the core part of the exhibition center of Nansha Development Zone. The unique shape of this big irregular ground screen is pioneering in China. The perfect combination of 38 Barco PGXG-61B projectors and the projection screen of sand table completely displays the stunning images and naked-eye 3D visual effects, giving viewers amazing experiences and enhancing the aesthetic feeling of the whole exhibition hall.