"Bright Technology: Create Its WeChat Official Account"

Date:2016-08-29    Author:Beijing Bright Technology Co. Ltd.

To conform to the development of the Internet age and market interactively through multiple approaches, Bright Technology creates its WeChat official account after a long time elaborate plan.

The WeChat official account of Bright Technology combines together the news, services and interactivities. Some information about the company news, corporate culture, brand building, industry trends and policies will be released to the public through this account. Just by swiping the screen, you will get the richest and most timely hot news whenever and wherever possible.

How to follow us on WeChat:

1.     Scan the QR code: log in → click the “+” button → scan our QR code below → click the “follow” button;

2.     Add contacts: log in → click the “add contacts” button →search for the WeChat ID “Beijing Bright Technology Co.,Ltd” → click the “follow” button.

We devote to building a new media platform to provide the public with comprehensive and efficient services. We look forward to meeting you there.