Digital restaurant is a new kind of sensory restaurant featuring object projection and intelligent interaction. Different from the traditional restaurants which only provide taste experience, digital restaurant combines 3D entity perception, 3D Mapping projection and 3D games together, and creates a new type of immersive and interactive multimedia environment for hotels, bars, etc., giving customers multi-sensory experience.

Digital restaurant takes the table and surrounding walls as the display medium. It uses sensing equipment to track and analyze user's gestures and the changes in positions of table decorations (such as cups, bowls, pots and flowerpots). This type of user input system forms a natural mode of computer -human interaction. In virtue of the 3D Mapping projection technology, digital restaurant shows the virtual visual effects on 3D objects on tables or walls, creating a virtual integration effect.

Digital restaurant now has four types of software, namely, the base version, the base version + wall projection effects, the base version + interactive effects, and the base version + interactive games. Customers can experience many interactive effects such as the desktop projection video, wall projection images, ripples and flowers blooming, and interactive games such as Fruit Slice and Whac-A-Mole, fully enjoying the pleasure brought by hi-tech.


Digital table (or digital bar) combines 3D entity perception, 3D Mapping projection and 3D games together, and creates a new type of immersive and interactive multimedia environment for hotels, bars, etc.


System and service features

▪ Modular design; modular assembly and project optimization according to users' demands and budgets.

▪ Standard interactive templates and fast deployment.

▪ Customized interactive templates of various levels. Simplified customization: based drawings are changed to satisfy advertisement requirements of clients. Medium customization: shapes, color textures and even animations of 3D objects in templates are changed. Template customization: new template effects are developed according to client demands.

▪ System customization according to tables of different shapes or indoor environment.

In the interactive floor system, the projectors hanging at the top project target images on the floor. Through the identification system, visitors can interact with the virtual scene on the projection screen directly with their feet or motions, then various interactive images will be created accordingly. The interactive floor system integrates the virtual simulation technology with the image recognition technology. Through interacting with images on the floor, visitors will have firsthand experience of various images creating right under their feet.

This new type of interactive technology is supported by projectors, the video processing system and the interactive sensing device. The number of the interactive sensing device is equal to that of projectors, and the installation position is nearby the projectors. The interactive floor has three types of software, namely, the base version, the base version + interactive effects and the customized version, from which customers choose according to their requirements. Because it can attract crowds, guide directions and bring economic benefits, the interactive floor has been widely used in themed exhibitions and shopping malls.

The interactive floor

In the interactive floor system, target images are taken by capture devices, and the movements of these images are produced after the analysis of the image analysis system. Combing with the real-time video interactive system, these movements interact closely with experiencers through the screen. The interactive floor technology can be used for attracting crowds and guiding directions in themed exhibitions, shopping malls and so on.

Interaction types

  • Floor interactive projection system
  • Window interactive projection system
  • Desktop interactive projection system
  • Façade interactive projection system
  • Wall interactive projection system
  • The air book projection system
  • Interactive back projection system
  • The air point projection system

Features and advantages

This novel way of interaction will certainly attract and guide crowds. Besides, the good design and artistic effects will add interactive effects to museums.

Its guiding function can be used in museums for intellectually guiding and searching directions, which is more humanized than traditional indicator boards and inquiry machines.

This non-contact communication is more humanized and will reduce the possibility of bacterial infection caused by personnel contacts.

The interactive floor will bring great economic benefits. As a kind of new media art, the interactive floor can be used in real-time interactive advertisement, enabling visitors to interact with the contents of advertisements. It will not only increase the popularity of the museum,strengthen visitors' impressions on it, but also entertain visitors while publicizing the museum.

Hardware composition



somatosensory equipment


1:1 with the number of projectors

Installation position

nearby the projector

Software components

Base version

Setting videos according to the fixed contents; videos can be customized based on requirements.

Base version+

—— interactive effects

This version can provide preset interactive effects, such as ripples, ice breaking, fish swimming, flowers blooming and leaves dancing. Fees are charged according to the types and numbers of interactive effects.


Increasing the types and numbers of interactive effects according to customer demands; fees are charged accordingly.