AR somatosensory interactive system

AR somatosensory interactive system is a new type of human-computer interaction technique. This system, taking interaction and conception as its basic features, can simulate the real scene and is an advanced man-machine interface. Users can not only interact with virtual objects through the virtual reality system, enjoy the immersive experience, but also break limitations of time and space, and have experience which is impossible in reality.

AR somatosensory interactive system is composed of somatosensory equipment, motion detection system and display system. It can generate real-time data of the scene depth, colors and audio frequency, extend the applications of augmented reality, and make it more accessible and authentic. AR somatosensory interactive system now has been used in every walk of life. For example, some hospitals replace their machines with AR somatosensory games for extremity rehabilitation training; some schools introduce somatosensory learning machines which integrates AR and somatosensory technology to provide students with a three-dimensional learning environment. It is easy to foresee that AR somatosensory interactive system will be popular in exhibitions, real estates, catering industries, tourism and entertainments. It will display products in a novel and unique way, enable users to enjoy the more interactive experience and bring more benefits to businesses.